Two Bull football players reflect on Shrine Bowl

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ST. PETERSBURG-When the clock struck triple zero's at Tropicana Field on Saturday night, it marked the end of an impressive era in Bulls colors for Sam Barrington and Kayvon Webster.
"It feels great, I'm glad that I was able to play with a guy like Kayvon and represent the school," Barrington said.
"It's a big deal to us," Webster added. "We congratulated each other on making it here even though the season didn't turn out the way we planned, but it's a way to better our future and represent the class."
Barrington and Webster both leave behind a lasting legacy at USF. Both were pivotal on the Bulls defense for their four years at the school. Each was in the top three in tackles in three of their four seasons on the team.
In rotated action, Webster recorded 3 tackles, but was very good in coverage. Barrington sat out the second half due to a hamstring injury, but did make one tackle in the first half.
This week was about a lot more than this game, though. As someone who gives back to the community, these last few days meant a lot to Barrington.
"We went out to the hospital earlier this week, and it set the tone for the week," Barrington explained. "Sometimes before you go into such a scene, you don't know what to expect. But I've never seen as many smiles as I've seen that day."
"Some kids have never walked in their life, and they will never walk in their life but they're smiling," he continued. "That's something I look forward to doing. Going back to that hospital and seeing those kids smiles."
Both players played under two different head coaches, and as they depart, a new leader steps in. Both Barrington and Webster have high hopes for the future of the football program under Willie Taggart.
"Im liking where the program is headed right now," Webster said. "I really like coach Willie Taggart, he's from the area and is connected with the players and I wish them nothing but success."
Barrington has very similar words regarding USF's future.
"I'm happy they got a chance to bring in a new guy with such a great resume," Barrington said. "I'm excited to see what those guys have in store. They have a lot of talent still and I'm excited to see where the program is going to go."