Tuesday Practice Report

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Tuesday the Bulls returned back to the practice field to begin preparation for Cincinnati
The media spoke to both quarterback Steven Bench and Offensive coordinator Walt Wells.
Steven Bench
Coach Taggart told the media that Bench has been holding onto the ball too much. Bench's comment on this: "Some of the sacks are on me. I gotta get in my drop and get my read faster so that doesn't happen."
On which performance was better, the FAU game or his Miami start: "Neither of them were real good. I turned the ball over too many times,"
Talking about Taggart letting him call option plays: "That's what I feel comfortable doing and I'm glad he lets me do that stuff."
On the subject of getting the tight ends more involved in the offense: "If they're open, then we should get them the ball."
Coach Walt Wells
On how Bench played better in his first start: "I think he managed the game better. I think he did some good things. Obviously we still turned the ball over and we need to get better at that."
What Bench contributes to the team: "I think his energy to the offense is something that is contagious and we have to continue to have him have that leadership."
Getting the tight end more involved: "We'd like to get Sean and Mike more involved. We wanna get the ball to the tight ends."
Getting the ball off in time and running the correct routes: "That's one thing our guys have to understand, the depth of the route and the precision of the route have to be on point."
Practice Notes
Players were practicing the triple option play, one the Bench likes to bring to the offense.
The offensive line was practicing making blocks from only on their knees.
Receivers were working specifically on beating man coverage in space.