Recruit of the Week: Devin Abraham

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Click here to start your 30-day free trial - Enter promo code Rivals30 Click Here to view this Link. is starting a new weekly segment - where we'll take a USF target and get to know him. This week, we take a look at Tarpon Springs (Fla.) East Lake defensive back Devin Abraham - a new USF commit.
RTB: I know East Lake had a really good season last year - how did you think you performed personally?
DA: I think I performed well. I contributed good to the team whenever I could and had leadership where it was needed.
RTB: What player
do you compare yourself to? Tell us about your game as a free safety.
DA: I've never tried comparing myself in all honesty. I try to be a game changer. You know, fly under the radar, make tackles that people don't notice that are actually big stops. Or interceptions that swing momentum - I am a thinker on the field.
RTB: So you're a pretty smart player - pride yourself on reading the offense and making plays.
DA: Exactly.
RTB: How do you think you'll translate to the USF defense? Where will they play you at?
DA: I think I'm going to stay at safety. Coach Cooper likes to have his QB on the defense at safety being able to call out plays and change coverages back at safety. If it stays like that I think I will translate over there pretty good. It'll be tough but I'm willing to put in work to help my future team wherever they need me.
RTB: So what's it like going up against Artavis Scott and George Campbell - those guys make you better?
DA: Anytime you have kids that are known nationwide - it's always good. They make everyone play better.
RTB: You hold your own against them in one-on-ones?
DA: We go back and forth [laughs].
RTB: You guys lost your quarterback to UCF, but what are the expectations for East Lake this year?
DA: Another big year, move up the depth chart - locked and loaded.
RTB: You're very local on the whole 'dream team' thing for the 2014 class. What's your relationship like with the other USF commits?
DA: Well a couple of them I play against and then most of them - we were all on Team Tampa. For the most part we're all pretty cool and just can't wait to be a part of USF and show out for our city.