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Recruit of the week: Anthony Davis

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Runningthebulls.com is continuing its weekly segment - where we'll take a USF target and get to know him. This week, we take a look at Tampa (Fla.) Chamberlain outside linebacker Anthony Davis - a USF target.
RTB: You told me you recently had a personal workout for USF. How did that go?
AD: It went very well. I ran a 4.52 40 (yard dash) and I was efficient at catching the ball in the DB drills so I felt like I did what I was supposed to do.
RTB: You're listed as an outside linebacker, but USF is recruiting you as a safety. Talk to me a little bit about that and the transition between outside backer and safety.
AD: I mean I feel like I'm a safety already. I run it and I cover like it. The transition was easy because I always thought I would play DB in college just cause of my size. So when USF said they wanted me to play safety I was ready because I've been waiting and wanting to hear that.
RTB: What's the recruiting process been like for you overall?
AD: Um I feel very rushed to be honest.
RTB: How so?
AD: Because this recruiting stuff moves at a fast pace (laughs).
RTB: Are schools trying to push you to commit?
AD: Exactly, but I'm not going to commit till I feel that connection.
RTB: Are there any schools that you're starting to feel that connection with?
AD: The only schools I feel that connection with so far are Texas Tech and Indiana.
RTB: What exactly are you looking for in a college?
AD: I'm looking for coaches who keep it real and die hard fans - and a team that wants to win
RTB: What have you been up to this summer?
AD: Just workouts with the team - going to football camps and that's about it.
RTB: Talk about yourself a little bit.
AD: I'm from Tampa (Jackson Heights). I lost my mom at 14 - that's why I really played football so I can get her whatever she wanted. When she passed it was like what do I need to play football for? But I channel my negative energy into positive energy and here I am.