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Practice report - Bench is starter

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Today, the media was able to speak with Coach Taggart, Andre Davis, and Steven Bench.
Willie Taggart
When asked how the team was going to go forward through the bye week with Bench as the quarterback: "Steven Bench is our quarterback?"
Regarding finding a quarterback and sticking with him: "I do think consistency at the quarterback position will help a lot of things going on with our football team so we're looking to solidify that within the next few weeks."
Talking about how the run blocking is much better than the pass blocking: "Obviously we're a lot better. That's one thing we've got going is the running game."
About how the offensive line has to come together as a group: "You've got a group up front that has to gel."
Andre Davis
Regarding the offense: "The passing game hasn't been clicking the way it should be, but we'll get it together."
Talking about what he thinks of Steven Bench as a quarterback: "He has a pretty strong arm, he's a good quarterback."
On how hard Bench can throw:" Underneath throws, he throws the ball pretty hard."
How the team is going to use the bye week to their advantage: "This bye week is at a good time and we'll get this passing game going."
Steven Bench
Talking about getting comfortable with the offense:" Working after practice and getting good reps during practice. All the extra stuff is gonna go a long way with that."
On what NFL QB he models his game after: "I model it after Steven Bench. I play my game,"
On how the bye week will help: "It gives you an extra week to get better and look at the Miami plays."
Practice Notes
Steven Bench was taking walk throughs with the 1st team, hinting that he will remain the starter for the Bulls going forward.
Offensive Coordinator Coach Walt Wells was tough on the O-Line, not letting them give anything less than 100% effort. Was seen yelling and making players repeat the drill after lackluster efforts.
Tackle dummy made an appearance again, this time at a significantly shorter distance.