Lewis takes an unofficial to USF

Last weekend, the University of South Florida welcomed three-star basketball prospect Greg Lewis to campus for an unofficial visit.

Along with his family, including his father Greg Lewis Sr., the coveted big man got to see firsthand what the Bulls basketball program has to offer. Lewis Sr. broke down the trip in detail.

"I had a chance to meet with the athletic director, Coach Heath, and the rest of the coaches," said Lewis Sr. "We watched them practice one or two times. We took a tour of the campus, visited a couple of the dorms. That is it in a nutshell."

From a father's perspective, it was clear to see that Lewis enjoyed his time on his visit.

"I think he was really impressed with the fact that he has a shot to play on the team, he liked how big the campus was, and the relationship that he felt with Coach Heath," Lewis Sr. described. "It seemed like a genuine relationship."

A major talking point for the family was the type of basketball the Bulls will feature in Coach Heath's system.

"Like at Maryland, we talked about the flex system, but I also saw how they use their big guys and move them outside or on top of the key," said Lewis Sr. "I am familiar with that because of Maryland."
Lewis has already toured the campuses of several interested schools. However, he isn't finished quite yet.

"We have visited Rutgers, Xavier, Maryland, but we also want to visit Georgia, Virgina, and maybe Clemson off the top of my head," his dad said.

As Lewis' recruitment begins to head toward the finish line, several schools have emerged towards the top.

"South Florida stands out and Xavier stands out because they have proven they can develop power forwards," said his father. "Georgetown and Maryland are in that group too."

Lewis' father believes that the fact South Florida plays in a prestigious conference like the Big East can only be beneficial.

"It is because it gets you ready for the next level," he said. "I want him to have the opportunity to go against the best. In the Big East, you have a step up on everyone else in terms of getting to the next level."

The Baltimore, Maryland product wouldn't be deterred by the long distance from home. In fact, his family could even see Tampa as a plus.

"We were originally from California and now we have lived up here for about seven years," said Lewis Sr. "Florida isn't quite like California, but we enjoy the weather and it would be a nice place to visit."

As the process has carried on, it has been both taxing and enjoyable at the same time. However, the family is looking to make a decision sooner rather than later.

"As soon as possible," said Lewis Sr. "We want to know what college we want to go to and get this process over with. I think by the end of September we will start to know who is for real about getting Greg and just go from there.

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