As of now, the college basketball season will proceed as scheduled for most programs, including USF, across the country. While multiple conferences postponed their college football season, college basketball has yet to see much of an impact for the upcoming season.

The Pac-12 is the only conference to adjust its scheduling thus far, deciding there would be no non-conference basketball games until 2021. That means no Fort Myers Tip-Off for Colorado, who was slated to play USF on Nov. 23 opponent.

The NCAA currently anticipates college basketball will return to the court before the end of the year and is expected to announce its plans for the upcoming season in mid-September.

As the Bulls continue to march on to the start of the 2020-21 season, expectations are growing with the current group in Tampa. Losing Laquincy Rideau and Antun Maričević will hurt but the new players that Brian Gregory brought in, combined with the returning players, have USF fans looking at its best all-around group since Gregory took the reins of the program.

With that in mind gives our roster breakdown for the Bulls this upcoming season.