July 18, 2013

Fisher Camp Wrap: 4* RB Dalvin Cook talks 'Noles


-Alec Eberle and Corey Martinez finally met during the Thursday morning session. The pair of offensive linemen commitments had been exchanging texts during the week leading up to the camp.

"Looking at different recruits, looking at guys on the offensive line that might help us out," Martinez said. "And looking at Coach (Rick) Trickett, watching him and seeing how he coaches. I just got here so I'm just looking at different guys, obviously Alec, I've been watching him and he looks pretty good."

Martinez wasn't working out. Eberle went through the workouts and said he wanted to work with Trickett given he'll likely move to center at FSU.

"You hear all the rumors about how coach Trickett is a militaristic kind of guy, he's yelling, he's an ex-marine and stuff," Eberle said. "And all that's true but if you like that kind of stuff that's the kind of player you are, a coach like that is going to help you grow up and help you on the field."

-FSU Linebacker Kain Daub had a similar moment wasn't even supposed to work out, but once he heard that fellow FSU commit Jacob Pugh would be at the camp, he decided to go through some drills with his future teammate.

"We did our reps and sat on the sidelines and just chilled and talked," Daub said. "It felt like we'd been hanging out for like a year or two but this was my first time meeting him."

Daub also said he was eager to work with new linebackers coach Charles Kelly.

"I really just came here to work with coach Kelly," Daub said. "They asked me not to do anything, but I wanted to get the feel of working with him. It's gonna be six months before I get to work with him again, so I just wanted to go ahead and see what that was like."

Daub said his other goal for the camp was to recruit other players, and he had his two main targets in mind: Miami Central's Dalvin Cook, a five-star running back, and Christopher Reese, a defensive end.

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