February 18, 2010

Morgan makes his first pilgrimage to the Flats

Mt. Zion running back Quaterrio Morgan was excited when he got his Georgia Tech offer a few weeks ago. This past Saturday Morgan was on campus for a visit and he was very pleased when he saw exactly what the Yellow Jackets have to offer both on and off the field.

"I went up there this past Saturday," he said. "It was a great trip and I liked it a lot. I was able to tour the weight facilities, the training room and the film room. There weight room was great and it was the biggest I have seen so far."

Morgan met with several of the coaches in individual meetings and caught a glimpse of each coach's personality. He said they seem to complement each other perfectly.

"I spoke with the team chaplain Derrick Moore, I spoke with Coach Lamar Owens in a one-on-one meeting and I spoke with Coach Buzz Preston and head coach Paul Johnson as well. Coach Preston is very excitable and he makes jokes and stuff. Coach Johnson seems like the tough one and he seems like a guy you can be earnest with," Morgan said. "Coach Owens reminds me of my middle school coach and I think he would be fun to work with. It was cool because they were kind of neutral and just told me about the school. I know they want me there, but it was a good visit because they were not pushing too hard."

During the tour the gravity of the quality of Tech's academics and what that means after football really sold Morgan on the program.

"One of the things I that stood out to me was a list of facts about Tech that they have in the lobby. The one that caught my eye was that one in six Georgia Tech graduates becomes a millionaire," he said. "I really like the academics at Tech because I know any school I choose will have great academics and I might as well shoot for the top. I don't want to go to a college just to play football, I want the full college experience and the quality of the education is a major factor."

Morgan's family also made the trip to Atlanta, but they see the decision as his own to make which is a little different than the way most families handle recruiting.

"My family came with me to Tech, but they are kind of laying back because they consider the decision to be my choice alone since I have to live with it for the rest of my life and have to be accountable for my decisions."

One of the funniest parts of Morgan's visit was his interaction with his friend Armalo Herrera who was at the time a silent Georgia commitment.

"Armalo was talking up Georgia to me and he told me when I go to Tech we are going to be rivals for life. We went to rival high schools and middle schools, so if he signs with Georgia and I sign with Georgia Tech it will continue that cycle."

As far as other travel plans are concerned, Morgan plans to visit Auburn and Georgia again this spring.

"I have been to Auburn and Georgia before. I will probably go check out Auburn soon," he said.

Will Georgia Tech be in it with Morgan for the long haul?

"I am very interested in Georgia Tech," he said. "They like me as either an A-back or a B-back. Even if I get other big time offers, Georgia Tech is going to be in for me."

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